Culinary Services

Culinary services

Menu engineering/development and concepts– We have created and conceptualized menus for countless concepts and brands through the years. Many factors are considered in menu development and layout including product/ item selection and placement, concept focus and consistency, pricing, sales viability, tastings and focus groups.

Sanitation Audits– Customized to your state and local health codes, we will provide the materials for self-audits as well as provide a sanitation consultant for staff training as necessary.

Purchasing programs/vendor relations– through our many industry relationships and years of purchasing history, we can set up new or assume existing purchasing programs including FF&E, OS&E and F&B.

Kitchen operations review and training– with a background in culinary arts and kitchen operations, we provide an operational expertise with staffing, training, menu creation, costing, sanitation and scheduling.

Inventory and cost control analysis– financial analysis available through a variety of indicators including food and beverage cost controlling, item sales analysis, inventory to sales analysis and shrinkage control.



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