Preston Rideout

Preston Rideout

Director of Beverage and Bars


Preston Rideout is a highly sought after hospitality consultant in both the United States and Mexico. Twenty two years of experience opening, operating and owning bars, nightclubs and restaurants across the world makes him an operations expert. He is highly regarded among casino executives, international hoteliers, bar owners, architects and nightclub management companies. His methodology is straight forward. He identifies problems, provides solutions and creates operating systems. Preston put himself through college then law school by working at a bar. He started as a bouncer checking ID’s and collecting cover charges. Over the past two decades, he’s climbed his way to the top by throwing 3,000 person parties, managing multi-unit high volume Vegas nightclubs, regionally directing multi­state restaurant and bar operations, conducting forensic accounting audits, redesigning bars to maximize ergonomics while providing consulting. Preston is the bar expert other consultants call when they encounter a problem and need a solution. Preston is also the Nightclub Hall of Fame Vice President and Founder of Bar Manuals. His Bartender Training Manual and Bar Math Made Simple profit guide received over 100,000 downloads in 2016. He’s an avid cross fit athlete, boxer, bikram yoga practitioner and dog rescue advocate.


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